Japanese Close-Ups

This page is a tribute to the “Japanese Close-Up”. The Japanese broadcasting network seems to revolve around this particular style of macro photography, so here’s my attempt to fit in overseas. For the record, I make a point of eating (swallowing is a better word in some cases) at least 1 of everthing I’ve photographed here…including pic #10, the disgustingly slimy raw baby squid(s?). They tasted horrible, just as you’d expect. If you have some good JCUs, send them to me at runningemu@gmail.com, but you have to eat it first…

dscn38050001.JPG dscn33610003.JPG dscn37580001_1.JPG dscn38030001.JPG

dscn39660001.JPG dscn39860007.JPG dscn39770004.JPG dscn39800005.JPG

dscn43140003.JPG dscn40160001.JPG dscn43000002.JPG dscn39700002.JPG

dscn42910001.JPG dscn44120001.JPG dscn45690002.JPG dscn45610001.JPG

dscn55220001.JPG dscn45810003.JPG dscn55270002.JPG dscn45940004.JPG

dscn55900002.JPG dscn55800001.JPG                                                      



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