The following pictures are of Japanese-English signs and slogans I found humorous, so I snapped a quick pic:

dscn31600006.JPG dscn31710001_1.JPG dscn32490002.JPG dscn33170013.JPG

dscn32810006.JPG dscn32820007.JPG  dscn34640010.JPG dscn35320001.JPG

dscn37980012.JPG dscn38140001.JPG dscn34620009.JPG dscn44090004.JPG

dscn39540001.JPG dscn39390001.JPG dscn39740003.JPG cimg16240001.JPG

cimg16280002.JPG cimg16290003.JPG cimg16500001.JPG dscn41940001.JPG

dscn41960002.JPG dscn39560002.JPG dscn46080001.JPG dscn46160002.JPG

dscn42610003.JPG dscn52950003.JPG dscn52180001.JPG dscn52930002.JPG

dscn52980004.JPG dscn56130003.JPG dscn56140004.JPG




7 Responses to “Engrish”

  1. That is some good stuff. Especially the notebook lol.

  2. Hi mikey…Don’t “sweat” the small stuff !!

  3. Ahhhh…there’s the book I needed in high school!

  4. This section super amuses the wild and beautiful side of me. That Sparkle hair make would go good with your plum blossom too.

    Thanks Timmy, I plan on Sparkle Hair Make-ing in the very near future.

  5. Where do I get me one of those naked Daihatsu’s? Do I have to be naked to drive it?

    I’m not telling you Tim. I don’t want to risk seeing you naked.

  6. hmmm…I just have to tell you that one of your pictures has been bothering me for a while now…that Pocari Sweat one. It’s not the fact that you’re trying something new in a different place but that you don’t even know how they got the sweat from a floating cloud and how it has been treated since! You even look like you’re enjoying it!

    That poor little bugger was just happily floating around, not a care in the world, and you can’t tell me that a happy, floating cloud is going to sweat. I think there’s some conspiracy here and you, my friend, need to get to the bottom of it.

    Hey man, those clouds are damn close to the sun…of course they sweat, what do you think rain is? I can assure you that no clouds were harmed in the making of this energy drink.

  7. Sort of off topic, but a very funny story to share regarding Engrish in other countries. I was in South Africa passing by a construction site on which stood a sign that read, “Future site of a very large erection…” Now that’s a way that word hasn’t been used in a while. 🙂

    I bet it kinda made you wanna watch the construction “go up” 😉

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