Ode to Rusty

Gun-metal black but with small reddish spots

Your firmly filled tubes so comfy and strong

You brought me safely to Aya and back

Another adventure, with no third Foot along


You hoped to jump down the intense waterslide

But the slide was not all they would have us believe

With clean pictures of rides and the kids having fun

Yet a murky green pool was what we chose to leave

dscn51210002.JPG dscn51200001.JPG

But the war that we started, it more than made up

For the dirty shortcomings of waterslide fun

Oh the ducks and the Koi, how they fought hard in battle

For every last pellet you threw in the pond

dscn51690005.JPG dscn51660004.JPG dscn51750006.JPG dscn51440003.JPG

And the Ryu-O Castle, way up on the hilltop

Don’t tell me the view wasn’t well worth the climb

Even if it was rebuilt waaaaaay back in the 80’s

My dear friend remember…”It’s samurai time!”

pan-ayacastle30005.JPG dscn52640002.JPG dscn52690003.JPG dscn52730004.JPG

Oh the bike road we rode on we had to ourselves

Just you and me Rusty, we tore up the place

Of course free wine and shochu in Shusen-no-mori

Did lengthen the ride home and decrease the pace

dscn52170001.JPG dscn52230001.JPG dscn52820002.JPG

But we made it back Rusty, and I owe it all

To your smooth well-lubed chain and your strong metal frame

Dependable Rusty, I’ll be sad to leave you

Life back home without you will not be the same


Another 60 km spent together, thanks for a great day in the sun Rusty…



~ by The Running Emu on March 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “Ode to Rusty”

  1. Oh poor Rusty, he’s going to be sad and squeeky without you…

    He’s already squeaky, but I’m sure he’ll be sad…

  2. BY the way… THe ode to Rusty was mesmerizing. So beautiful… You poet you.

    Thanks Carolyn,
    Now go put the barrel in
    While we keep Christmas carolin’

  3. Hey MIKEEE! OO you are coming back soon!! I was so glad to hear your voice on my birthday! It totally ended my day perfectly!

    All of your many adventures sound soo interesting… What a neat shrine that went into the cave. And good ol rusty sure has taken good care of you! And that cat… Totally Pepper coming to watch out for you! (just joking… I don’t believe in reincarnation and you know it.)

    O and I love all the flowers (of course.) And I just realized and laughed my ass off that you have left a little message for me underneath the calendar portion of your website…. LOL… O wow I cannot stop LAUGHING!!!!

    Keep up the good ol blogs! They keep me sane to know my bro is having such a great time out there while I am crazily studying for final exams out here! Miss ya!

    Hey Calfy, if you look closely, you’ll find 2 little messages for you. See you Thursday, hope you don’t work in the PM so you can join us at the pub for hockey…
    …and have fun with those exams 😉

  4. I can hardly believe that the same Carolyn I galled “Big Greenie” uses the word mesmerizing. There is too much change in the world.

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