More Pics, Less Talk

I’ll make this a quickie, since dinner is on the go and I’m starving. The story begins with our lead characters in search of an unseen spectacle. The objective was the Ikime burial mounds, similiar to those in Saito, but not quite as spectacular. That was the objective. The result was Ikime Shurin, a temple in Ikime that gives good eyesight to those who visit (?), and has some really big trees. They were about this big:

dscn46240002.JPG dscn46260003.JPG dscn46320004.JPG dscn46190001.JPG

Unfortunately we ran out of time looking for the mounds, so I’ll have to find them with good ol’ Rusty before my departure. Speaking of my trusty steed, we went for another romantic pedal to another new destination a few days ago, this one known as Darumizu Park. If I could use one word to describe Darumizu, it would be “whatiswiththeseinsanofriendlycats?”. There were 4 of them, waiting to greet me upon my arrival, meowing a soulful goodbye at my departure. I must have walked a couple of kilometres through the park and they followed me everywhere, brushing my legs at every momentary standstill, meowing every time I went around a corner, running to catch up when I tried to hide…these cats were nuts. There was also a big grey one that didn’t get too close to me, but sent the rest running back for protection when they lingered too far from my side. I can only assume he was the pimp. Anyways, less talk, more pics…here’s Darumizu:

dscn46630001.JPG dscn46960006.JPG dscn47490001.JPG dscn46650002.JPG

Now look very closely at that last picture…notice anything out of place? Look closely now…and try singing the Sesame Street song; I always find it helps me distinguish even the finest of details:

“One of these things is not like the other

One of these things is just not the same…”

Did you see it? In the front? Let me help you a little bit:

dscn46660003.JPG dscn46690004.JPG dscn47020007.JPG dscn46910005.JPG

Foot! Yes, Foot came along for the ride and helped with the pedals. Foot also made some new friends, as you can see.

And to end, my favourite shot from the park; it really captures the feel of Darumizu. Notice the cat sauntering up the path towards me…she was meowing like crazy the whole damn way…and 2 more followed her. The one on the bench didn’t get farther than 10 feet from me the entire time I was there…what a sweetie…reminded me of my first cat. If reincarnation is possible, this girl was Pepper.



~ by The Running Emu on March 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “More Pics, Less Talk”

  1. Greetings Mikester..
    Honkin’ big trees..what are they?? If they’re fruit trees they must produce enough to feed the whole Island!!And what’s with the rope wrapped around the trunk? That lion statue must represent the god of soccer ?? Most of your pics seem to be devoid of other people. Are you alone in the enjoyment of the surroundings? Lucky Mom’s not there or the cat population in Miyasaki would decrease by four !![36 lives] Luongo got a shut out last night..does that get you extra points ??At present we’re 5th in the league and only 5? points behind Buffalo.Came home early today with a head cold…gotta get some rest and try to recover some I’m in good shape for the Eric Clapton concert tomorrow night !! Should be good …ttfn pops

    All the “sacred” objects at shurins are roped up (see Penis Rock pic), usually with a bell, ribbon, or white paper cutouts attached. As for the lack of people, I just like objective pictures…I’m more into the photography than the “look, here I am in front of *** statue” shots…plus, I’m usually alone with Rusty and/or Foot. And yessiree, I get 5 extra points for Luongo’s shutout, that’s on top of the 2 points I get for the win. I’m 2nd in the pool right now, but I’m well behind the leader (Ian). Still a glimmer of hope for me…

  2. When asked what was different with the picture I was going to say…”they put the cat door up way to high in the front”, that’s probably why the little furr balls are meowing up a storm, mad they can’t get in for their supper. Good pictures.

  3. I don’t know who this Tim guy is, but I hope he’s not posing as me cause I was nowhere near your site on March 23rd….makes me wonder what atrocities are being committed in my name elsewhere.

    I’m busy looking at the rest of your recent adventures so I’ll comment more on them.

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