The Penis Shrine

Before showing you the enormous Penis Shurin, some background information is required.

The intention was good: a hiking trip with my boss (Cameron, the red-topped Scot) and the Longman/Pearson rep (Boris, from Penticton), who was in town for a few days to MC an english-teaching seminar. It started well, a quick lunch at an excellent ramen house in Ebino, where we were all given free Engrish shirts (see Engrish page for pic…it rocks), and had a tasty ramen meal. Then it was off to Hell, a 10 minute hike from the Shiratori Onsen in Kirishima valley. The Kirishima valley is home to a range of active volcanoes, and the energy given off heats the nearby underwater springs, which feeds the onsen and escapes in big steamy pufts at “Hell”. Next, it was Ebino Plateau to see the sights there, but due to the stupid rainy weather, there were no sights to be seen except the Japanese dear roaming the area. Ah, thanks Dear.

dscn44430005.JPGdscn44440006.JPG dscn44600008.JPG dscn44680009.JPG

After that, it was a short half hour hike up a small Kirishima mountain to view the volcano crater lake, Onami Ike. The view was a bit of a let-down on a rainy day, as you’ll see from the 4th pic above. But then, *oh yes*, it was off to Penis Rock in Kobayashi, complete with shurin, carvings, statues, and a gift shop. 

dscn44350001.JPG dscn44380003.JPG dscn44360002.JPG dscn44390004.JPG

As you can see, Cameron and Boris felt pretty comfy mounting a penis together, so after a few more posed pictures, we all headed to the Yupoppo Onsen in Miyakonojo to get naked and take a bath together. For only my second onsen experience, this was quite the onsen, containing an outside hot onsen bath and cold bath, an indoor hot onsen bath and cold bath, walk-through tub, shoulder massaging tub, herbal tub, fully-jetted body massage tub, dry sauna, and an *electric bath* (really #$&*ed up, it has these things in the water that send electrial pulses and makes your muscles go insano when you put any body part in the nearby vicinity…it sent my ass, stomach, and back into convulsions when I sat down too close unsuspectingly). The onsen pretty much topped our day of masculine adventures, so we headed home shortly thereafter.

A few days later later (or maybe earlier, I’m not sure at this point, and I really just want to get your mind off the potentially preference-alarming adventures above), Hana (that’s my *girlfriend*) and I hit a really gorgeous Japanese garden hidden within the city they call the Miyazaki Sports Complex. It was set up to represent all the districts of the Miyazaki prefecture, so it had some very distinct elements to it, including a waterfall, a big lake/pond, and a few really cool statues, 

dscn43540001.JPG dscn43600003.JPG dscn43680004.JPG

as well as some big grassy fields with burial mounds and big rocks for Mike to climb up and attempt injury once again (unsuccesfully this time).

dscn43890006.JPG dscn43990007.JPG dscn43860005.JPG dscn44060008.JPG

As you can see, they also had a tribute statue to naked guys in the “sports complex”. And what the hell is with all the cocks in this article anyways?! I want my money back…

Now to do some (penis-free) housecleaning…here’s a few flowery pics for Calfy:

dscn44880001.JPG dscn46480001.JPG dscn45220002.JPG dscn47260002.JPG

And here’s a clock (that’s with an “l”), some oranges, a head (completely unintentional), and a farmer, respectively:

dscn43350005.JPG dscn41860002.JPG dscn41610001.JPG dscn42200003.JPG

Notice the suicide birds following the farmer. They hover around the tractor, dangerously close to the wheels and spinning blades, and follow it all over the field as it tills the hard ground and turns up soft dirt and bugs underneath. They’re constantly hopping and flapping and poking at the ground in their dangerous little dance of death, it was quite amusing to watch.

These guys in Ebino weren’t quite as bold, but their white heart-shaped bums make up for their lack of bravery. Nice bum dear.



~ by The Running Emu on March 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Penis Shrine”

  1. No comments yet on this….I don’t know what’s going on with that! I mean such a facinating topic and all. Maybe this post is a little too provocative with two guys on a penis.

    Of course it could just be that you haven’t approved any comments yet.

    I loved the fact that you stood in the middle of the road to get me my fire truck pictures. I wonder what you would have to do to get some pictures of the firefighters in their gear. Hopefully nothing involving an onsen.

    See you back here in just a little while and have lots of adventure time ( until then 😉

    Hmmm…might be able to get some good shots of firemen if I start the fire myself…

  2. Hey Mike. Nice flowers. Your Mother

  3. Hi Mike,I’ve decided you need a more appropriate name..Hi Dick…!!If I were you I’d stay FAR away from the guys riding…log! I can hardly wait to see what item you picked out for your mother at THAT gift shop.Glad to see your getting lots of exercise climbing the mountains.Maybe now you’ll be able to keep up with me when we go hiking the hills next month.!!That pic of you slouched over the boulder could have been taken on Mt. Hood…scenery looks the same.What’s with all the naked statues ??? I hope your getting lots of landscaping ideas…I might turn you loose in the backyard gardens when you get home…ttfn pops

    Turn me loose…you’ve got it all wrong pops, I look forward to enjoying your Canadian garden upon my return, not working in it. Please be sure everything is blossoming nicely for April 5th.

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