Volcano Erupts, Kills Canadian

Before we get into the adventures and my imminent death at the hands of Mr. Volcano, I’d like to share 4 recent acquisitions that have made my life exceedingly better overseas. Stay focused and be patient, this will only take a sec:

1. dscn42660003.JPG Mike’s Handmade Rice Bowl

Finally, my rice-bowl is fired and glazed and ready to use. For those of you who doubted it’s inner beauty, take a good look…that is one fine-lookin’ rice bowl. This bowl has the power of making rice taste better, and it’s been used daily nightly since it’s inception for that exact purpose.

2. dscn41710001.JPG A Beer Chair

On this particular shot, our subject is caught using it as a morning coffee chair. You see, the beer chair has diversity and depth far beyond any other sitting mechanism, and all of it’s multiple talents raise one’s quality of life substantially. Whether it’s brilliantly designed cup holder is home to a coffee, a beer, or a kiwi cider, the beer chair keeps it steady and readily available for your next sip, and all with unmatched style and comfort.

 3. dscn42790004.JPG A Traditional Shochu Mug

With the imprint of the furious Mt. Sakuragima itself, this sleek drinking piece has the power of making shochu taste better. Works well when paired with the rice bowl.

4. dscn42330002.JPG Toe-Socks

For years I’ve wanted a pair of these fashion oddities, and now I’ve got ’em. Toe socks make me feel like a monkey every time I look down at my feet, and I love monkeys. The fit is a tad peculiar and takes some getting used to, but well worth it for that monkey feeling.

Now, on to the adventures. 

We have tried twice now to get our asses to Kagoshima, both times were unsuccesful due to weather and injury (in that order). This time, we were not to be denied. Wednesday morning breaks nice and sunny, and the little white bomb is loaded up with overnight supplies. The first stop is well past Kagoshima, a little resort town called Ibusiki, known for it’s one-of-a-kind sand baths.

cimg16210001.JPG cimg16230001.JPG dscn40330001.JPG

After 4 hours on the road, we finally arrive at the big ugly pink resort fortress for our sand bath. After walking through the maze of corridors, we eventually find the sand bath reception and are instructed to change into colourful thin robes called yukatas, since the sand will burn bare skin. After a short conversation with the guys shovelling sand over our bodies, we learn that the sand is heated by a natural hot water spring below it, the same spring that flows into the co-ed outdoor oceanside onsen pictured below:

cimg16440005.JPG cimg16400004.JPG cimg16510007.JPG cimg16470006.JPG

After about 15 minutes in the hot sand, my relaxed body is starting to feel a tad warm, so I end my sand bath by jumping into the outdoor onsen, sandy ukata and all. By this time, it was around 5:00, and the beach was covered by the shadow of the big ugly pink fortress resort. You know how cold your bathing suit gets when you get out of the water for a minute and the wind quickly chills it?…you know how you jump and squirm when the cold wet cloth sucks up against your flesh?…well, it’s a lot worse with a wet robe, trust me. After our outdoor onsen, we went up to the top floor to enjoy the gender-separated onsen with the grand ocean view (onsens are usually sex-separated due to the naked nature of the bathers) . Another 15 minute dip and we were feeling pretty good indeed, so we made our way back to Kagoshima City to book into a hotel and enjoy some dinner and karaoke on Tenmonkandori, the happenin’ main drag. Check out our pimpin’ theme room…it was wicked! FYI, Hana chose it, I had nothing to do with it…

dscn40440002.JPG dscn40480003.JPG cimg16540009.JPG

Some time later on that night, after much singing and wobbly pop abuse (all-you-can-drink for 2 hours for $11, Yippy-ki-yay!), Mike fell and split open his chin and chipped his tooth and almost broke his jaw. But we won’t talk about that.

The next morning was another bright beauty, and it was off to the volcano island of Sakuragima. It was about a 15 minute ferry ride there, and upon arrival we were greeted by some of the largest vegetables I have ever seen.

cimg16550010.JPG dscn40750005.JPG dscn40770006.JPG

The enormous vegetables were causing my jaw to drop, which really hurts almost-broken jaws, so we had to leave quickly. We made our way to the Arimura lava plains and got lots of pretty pictures of the big beast himself.

dscn40860007.JPG dscn41140012.JPG dscn40930008.JPG dscn40950009.JPG

Unfortunately, Mike got a little too close, and Mt. Sakuragima doesn’t like that, so he erupted in a great belch of smoke and covered poor Mikel in hot ash and molten rock. It hurt a lot, and unfortunately I won’t be able to post any more articles and pics for you guys, since I’m dead and all. Sorry about that.



~ by The Running Emu on March 10, 2007.

5 Responses to “Volcano Erupts, Kills Canadian”

  1. Hello Mikey..
    Is that the same rice bowl we saw naked in an earlier blob ?? How about I scoop up a wad of clay at the Fraser river and you can make bowls for everyone when you return!!..Altho’ I’d rather have a shochu mug as it looks to be the perfect size for an ice cold Canadian Ice. {by the way…are you missing the “good old” home brew yet ??} I hope you didn’t pay to much to be buried in sand…I can remember doing that to you when you were a kid and didn’t charge you a cent!!The picture of you alone in the onsen invokes a rather melancholy feeling..Canadian boy alone in a foreign land partakes in a local ritual as he gazes wistfully towards home and family….Enough of that crap..are you going to bring me home a piece of genuine Japanese lavarock for my garden? The one behind your head would be perfect !!!The chin doesn’t look that bad..I guess when your sitting on the floor drinking your saki you don’t have THAT far to fall.!! Mom wants the computer..gotta go..ttfn pops

    Hey pops, the beer tastes pretty decent out here, and it’s a lot cheaper, but I do look forward to cracking an ice-cold kokanee for the 7:00 Canuck game on April 5th. I’ll do my best to bring home a lavarock, but it’ll be small cuz I ain’t luggin’ no boulder back for ya. I’m taking off on Friday for a few days on my own to hike a group of 5 (active) volcanoes in the next prefecture, I’ll see if I can’t find you something fitting…

  2. Kagoshima looks cool. I’ve gotta get out of the city!

    I’ll be in Kagoshima and Kumamoto this weekend (Friday 16th til Monday), so get your ass out of the city and lets drink it up in the country (although a half million people is still city by Canadian standards)…

  3. Mikey..
    BE CAREFUL…Some countries don’t take kindly to foreigners removing some of their artifacts..even if it’s only in the form of a little rock. I’d rather be having a beer with you at home with no rock than going to Japan to bail you out of some rock quarry. Little joke…rock quarry…punishment fit the crime !! Canucks should have won last night..they quit playing half way thru the 1st period….ttfn pops

    Hmmmm, maybe I’ll just mail it to you then…C.O.D. In that case, I’ll find the biggest volcanic rock I can carry 😉

  4. Mikel..

    2 of those pics of you and hanna, look identical to the pictures you and me took at the top of the hike we did in Vic! Hana is wearing blue (like I was), and you are taking the picture by hand standing slightly in front of her with your shadow on her face!!! HAHA I will show you the IDENTICAL one of you and me!!!!
    HOw do I add pictures on here???

    Hey Calfy, that’s great, but what did you think of the enormous rock cock?
    You’ll have to send the pic to my email…can’t leave it on a comment, unfortunately.

  5. It’s not news until a Canadian dies. You’re really inspiring with all this travell and writing, you’re like a travel writer. You could do this for a career, be an “Occidental Tourist.” Just don’t go anywhere that you are worth more to the locals than the money in your pockets. I don’t want to see you on Al Jazeera appologising for the actions of the Western Devils. Happy Easter!

    Thanks Simon, and Happy Easter to you too. I didn’t realize you had a blog ( olenyfolk.blogspot.com )…I’m off to check it out…

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