A Day in the Life of Mike’s Tummy

For today’s lesson, I’d like to give you a small taste of my eating habits over here (heh heh, pun intended). Our story begins Saturday night with supper at Gramma’s. The meal was prepared by Chef Toshihiro, with special pizza accompaniment by line-cook Mikel.

dscn38090003.JPG dscn38030001.JPG dscn38050001.JPG

The next morning, the sun shining outside is matched only by the brilliant yellow of the hollandaise sauce. I’m happy to report a much more pleasant result to the eggs-benedict-making procedure this time around; the feeling was mutual amongst *all* of the benny-tasting participants. 


After giving our bellies a few hours to relax between workouts, we headed out to the Oriental Hotel to enjoy some Ramen noodles from the chinese restaurant hidden within the hotel walls. This was my second time to try this tasty place out, and I ordered the same dish as last time, the tantanmen. This time, however, I elected for a slightly less spicy version, due to the previous encounters assault on my tear ducts and tongue, and the fiery siege it laid on me a day later in places best not mentioned. I settled for the level #4, which was definitely a step below the #5, but still hot enough to burn the lips off a rhino. Mmmmm, Mikey likey.

dscn39470005.JPG dscn39480006.JPG dscn39490001.JPG dscn39500001_2.JPG

After another few hours and a trip to the local billiards/ping-pong/bowling alley, which I am happy to report was just as 70’s as the Canadian version, we settled into the evening with a few glasses of shochu (the local sake) and another damn fine meal. This one was a joint effort by Chef Toshihiro, Sous-chef Mayumi, and line-cook Mikel, with some additions provided by Gramma.

dscn39880008.JPG dscn39770004.JPG dscn39660001.JPG dscn39520009.JPG

I included a picture of the bowling alley…notice the Tron-esque multi-coloured in-action bowling-guy-on-black decor above the lanes. Ahhhhh, a little taste of home, and of the decade I was born. And so ends the days events as seen by Mikel’s over-stuffed stomach.

And now, to wrap-up today’s lesson, I’d like to announce the arrival of another page on my site. This one’s called Japanese Close-Ups, and it’s a tribute to a particular style of photography that Japanese tv seems to revolve around. You’ll notice a few shots repeated on there from todays post (just wanted to give you a little taste…heh heh heh), but from this point on, I’ll try my hardest to keep the close-ups out of my articles and on their designated page. I also have another arrival to announce…I’m happy to say that the world has been blessed with one more Teschke (as if one Ian wasn’t enough). Liam Reid Teschke, born February 20th, brings a new era to the Teschke household. Congratulations to Ian and Lisa; wish I could have been there for it. He’s a pretty cute little guy, must have inherited the “physical appearance” genes from the Christies on his moms side. I’ll let you be the judge…



~ by The Running Emu on February 27, 2007.

3 Responses to “A Day in the Life of Mike’s Tummy”

  1. Hi Mike, That beautiful bouncing baby boy sure looks like his dad. Mom

  2. Hello Mikey…
    It’s great to know you can get into “laser disco bowling” even in Japan. That one picture…equivelant to bacon wrapped scallops ?? Hana’s family must think you’re some kind of wierdo…every time they sit down to eat you rap off a camera full of pictues !!Nice looking spreads,mind you.You’re right Mike…cute kid..doesn’t look like his old man at all..!!! heh heh heh..congrats to Lisa and Ian..ttfn pops

    Hmmm, bacon-wrapped mushroom sprout things are sort of like scallops, I suppose. Same colour at least…

  3. Yuck… level 5 spicyness? Mike where did you get your genes from? I cannot handle spicy food for the life of me. However, is level 5 spicy the same as spicy mexican food that you can get in canada?

    That worm looking thing looks really gross. Is there anything there that you hated when you tasted it? All of that stuff looks raw! Interesting, but raw! Tell toshiro that I would like him to cook me something and send it back with you in a to go container so that I can try some of his raw specialties!

    Sounds like you are getting along really really well with Hana’s family. I’m glad your having all these nifty experiences! I can’t wait to hear more!

    Hey Calfy, that worm-looking thing is octopus (tako) sashimi. It’s a little tougher than tuna (maguro) sashimi, my favourite, but still really good. There are lots of cooked dishes too (but they don’t photograph as well), as you’ll see from the plentiful full-table shots I’ve taken, and a few things I really haven’t liked (like the raw baby squid on the “Japanese Close-ups” page…ewwwwww). Most of the things I hate are the ones Hana loves, ie. the raw baby squid and fish eyes. At least we don’t fight over them at the table…

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