Cheezy, but Good

Another sunny day spent at my favourite destination (within galloping distance), the park with the towering Heiwadai. I was fortunate enough to get a picture of Peace Tower just as an extremely loud airplane flew past and shattered it (the peace, that is, not the tower).

 dscn36650004.JPG dscn37010007.JPG dscn36820005.JPG dscn36910006.JPG

I’m planning on kicking back on the netted edge of that big wooden towery thing with a few beers and watching the sunset in the very near future. Of course, knowing my luck, I’ll probably fall off and break my collarbone. I would try for a sunrise, but that’s far too early for beers…or for being awake. They were playing some odd form of mini-golf in a big field in the park, and there were kids sliding down a big astro-turfed hill on plastic sleds and chunks of cardboard. Weird.

dscn37500014.JPG dscn36480001.JPG dscn36550002.JPG dscn36570003.JPG

It’s refreshing to be in a country where they’re not so hyper-sensitive about safety and political correctness. I’m guessing the threat of lawsuits is not much of an issue over here. On my way home, I happened past the local Dodge dealership, so I snapped a few pics for you pops; notice the steering wheels. I admit, the last pic is a competing dealership, but look at that monkey…that is some *fierce* competition!

dscn37240001.JPG dscn37260003.JPG dscn39410001.JPG

This was all followed (a few days later) with a trip to the Art Museum. I’m really not much of a museum-type guy, but I enjoyed it, perhaps because it was fairly small. I took a few pictures of my favourite pieces. I even asked one of the attendants if I was allowed to take pictures…in Japanese! Broken Japanese, but good enough to get the point across. She smiled and replied “Picture…yes…frash…no”. I think they turned out pretty good, considering they were frash-ress.

dscn37400009.JPG dscn37410010.JPG dscn37420011.JPG

After I had my fill at the Art Museum, I went back to another local favourite…the Hasugaike park. I recently discovered that the caves were not, as I had mistakenly assumed, living/hiding places of ancient peoples. They are, in fact, burial tombs from around 500 AD, recently excavated, with the uncovered treasures displayed at the local Miyazaki Prefectural Museum. With all this new knowledge, I needed just a few more pics of the burial caves, inside and out.

dscn38910003.JPG dscn38830002.JPG

But wait…what was that…in the shadows…did you see it? It looked like…like…like…

dscn38950004.JPG …FOOT! Is it possible? Could it be true? Does Foot actually have descendants inhabiting dark caves on foreign asian islands? Is the heritage of Foot about to be unravelled in exotic tales from across the sea? Could the mysterious past of Foot be on the edge of elucidation?…

…Nope, I brought him along…and he seemed very happy to finally be back on his feet foot.

dscn39170001.JPG dscn39180005.JPG

And after a long day of biking (with a little foot-help on the pedals, of course), nothing goes down better than a nice hot cheese I am enjoying my first ever (the shiitake mushrooms were my favourite).

dscn37650006.JPG dscn37670006.JPG dscn37680007.JPG

In parting, I’d like to leave you with something to mull over. I know this picture deserves a funny caption, but I can’t think of one right now, and I’ve done enough thinking already today, so I’ll leave it up to you hooligans; we’ll call it the Comic Caption Contest (alliteration at it’s finest…Mr. Yakimo would be so proud). I know there’s plenty of wit amongst my friends and family, so respond to this post with your captions, and I’ll bring home a little something special for the winner. And it won’t be raw…


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~ by The Running Emu on February 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “Cheezy, but Good”

    You Gotta be naked to blow this much!!!!!

    LOL…*Nice* Isaac, I was counting on you to insert the perversion…you have not disappointed!

  2. Hey Mike..
    Looks like a HUGE putting green. I’ve seen you putt…you’d probably be out there ALL DAY…While I’d be the clubhouse with a cold one in about 10 minutes !!
    Looks like sliding on the grass would be fun but I don’t know about sliding on the bumpy section right beside it !! And how many time have I told you ..STAY OFF THE ROOF !! At least the photographer had the forsight to put the railing in a strategic location.The meal looks really good..even the shitty mushrooms..another great masterpiece from the crazy canuck ?? I won’t comment on todays know what I’m thinking.


    It was more like a huge putting brown, and the clubs were more like mallets. They were cracking those balls like it was Uncle Ed’s croquet ball in a classic Beeksma match-up. Unfortunately I can’t take credit for the cheezy fondue, but I will take credit for downing the rest of my glass of shochu to toast the end of my workday…………….mmmmmm, that was good.

  3. OK, I don’t know what’s coming out the back of her head but it scares me….a beaver tail? a large wooden spoon? I’m too shaken up to give a caption.

    I haven’t seen any photos of firehouses or firefighters yet and am beginning to believe that the Loop good selected booze since 1979 is taking up a lot of your time 😉

    Can’t wait to see your next set of adventures.

    How about this Timmy: “And in news today, a chicken farmer in Langley discovered this ancient statue while tending his cranberry crops. The statue dates back to 3200 BC, and raises questions about the great god Atlas, who is now thought to be a female beaver hybrid of Canadian lineage”

  4. Here’s my take on it – “Exercise ball instructor has bad hair day” We just love those photos! Luv ya, Ma

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