Stuck in the Middle (With You)

I’d like to begin this post by making an announcement: I’m sure you will all be relieved to hear that in spite of my recent sickness, I’m finally back on raw fish.

dscn35280001.JPG dscn35300002.JPG 

As you can see, I’ve also taken it upon myself to introduce the game of cribbage to the asian culture…and it seems to be taking quite nicely. Now if I can find a way to include betting, I should be able to make a living at it.

As far as the travels and tales go, life has been pretty casual lately. A few more trips to the already-discovered areas of the McKenna Realm, but no new steed-ridden landmarks to report this week. Hana and I did drive to a  little town on the outskirts of the city called Sadowara, which was new for me. We walked around Sadowara Park and I got caught in the middle of a playground trap…waiting for the pit spider to come and tear me apart…

dscn35370001.JPG dscn35340003.JPG dscn35530005.JPG dscn35580006.JPG

I was pretty damn stuck; luckily the contortion training with Dave and Simon from our highschool days came back to me, and I managed to work my way out before nightfall. While wriggling and contemplating within the depths of the yellow-webbed pit, I realized I hadn’t taken any shots of Hana for a while (what a bastardly boyfriend I am), so we took a few *really pretty* shots together shortly after my release:

dscn35720007.JPG dscn35730008.JPG dscn35740009.JPG

A few days later, we all went to Shimin-no-mori Park for a good old-fashioned picnic. The plum blossoms were in full swing, and I PROMISED Calfy that I’d take some more flower pics for her, so here’s what I came up with:

dscn35960002.JPG dscn35990003.JPG dscn36040004.JPG

Everyone else was all bundled up for the picnic, but my Canadian flesh didn’t seem to have much of a problem with the mild breeze…even the long sleeves seemed a bit warm for me. I’m sure in the middle of summer (when it reaches 40 Celsius), I’d be the one doing the complaining, but for now I enjoyed the mild weather. I also enjoyed finding the bumpiest trails possible whilst Hana rode lazily on the back of my black steed. Ah haaaaw, The Bastardly Boyfriend Strikes Back.

dscn35900001.JPG dscn36270006.JPG dscn36430007.JPG

Oh, I also changed my return flight yesterday, since the Japanese government only gave me a 3-month travellers visa. I now return to Canada on the 5th of April (1 day over 3 months…shhhhhh), just in time to watch the final few regular season Canuck games before we rip it up in the playoffs. I do enjoy listening to all the Canuck games (live at 10:00 in the morning) while I’m data-entering my ass off, but a coffee and a computer speaker is no replacement for a beer and a big screen.

And last but not least, one more blossom, with a big “Moooooooooo” stamped all over it. Sorry dad, I must be gay.



~ by The Running Emu on February 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”

  1. Oooooo…pretty flowers.

    I must say Mike, I’m disappointed for you over the fact that you’ll have to cut the trip short. I’m glad you did finally decide to give us all another update. I was giving up on checking for new stuff after a week of nothing 😉

    I hope you’re getting your fill of Kirin whiskey and lots of time with Hana. Say hi for me.

    Now get out there and finish up the map before you have to turn the game off!

    I’m a little disappointed about the trip-cutting myself Timmy, think you could talk to the Japanese government for me?

  2. Hey there Bro,
    It is always ablast to see that you are havinga great time. And awesome to hear that you get to listen to the games.Canucks are doing great this yr, and I look forward to having nice cold beers with you when you get back!!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip bro,
    Isaac and Paula

    Thanks guys, throw a Vic Lager in the fridge for me, I’ll be back for the playoffs before it expires…

  3. OOOOO I LOOOOVE THEM!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU I am going to PAINT them!!!!

    Well i am sorry that you have to cut your trip short a month. But better that then having to stay overtime and get caught and thrown into a japanese jail where you cut the lawn with scissors all day. No fun I’m sure. But when you get back it will be playoff time so please reserve a day where we can go to characters have beer wings and big screen tv. You in? Ya that’s what I thought.

    Hey by the way, I got a new job… Im only on call right now, but Royalwood is gone and Chilliwack Society for Community Living is in! I basically do day programs and outings with mentally challenged kids. LIke I said, Im only on call, But i loooove it. Just thought you might want to be updated!

    Miss you lots!

    Hey Calfy, congrats on the job! Well done, sounds like the first step in your career (you know, that thing that cost you tens of thousands of dollars at college). How’s it feel to have a job that you actually went to school for? And just to clarify, I will not reserve a day, so we’ll just have to do it the whole damn month…

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