Calling all Blogheads

Just a quick note today, no new pics I’m afraid. Any of you who have a blog, send me your links…I’d like to add you to the blogroll (which at this point is empty). Any of you who don’t have one but would like to try it out, go to and start one up (it’s free), then send me your links. For those who don’t know what the blogroll is, it’s a list of links to friends’ blogs and other websites that I recommend, so if you have any websites you think are worthy, send me those links too. I’m going to find that chuck norris website and christen the blogroll with some Chucky. Also, if any of you know how I can watch nhl games online, please PLEASE let me know. Canuck updates on-the-minute just aren’t cutting it…I need to SEE some hockey! Speaking of the Nucks, what the hell is with all the OT losses?! I suppose they’re just trying to keep it tight until April.

Cycling has been the passtime of choice recently…I’m cycling farther and farther out as my zone of familiarity around Hana’s house slowly expands. I think I’m at about a 3 km radius right now, which for those mathematicians out there means I’m familiar with about a 27 square km area. From this point on, the circle expands as a half circle, since the beach (about 2 km away) has halted my advancement in the Southern direction. What does all this mean, you ask? Nothing, my brain just unloads data in mathematical terms sometimes, and I felt the need to share. Included in this zone are a lot of convenience stores and vending machines, 1 really big park with a few ponds (great for jogging), Aeon mall (with the sushi shop that Hana works at, serving Maguro cheezu maki), a lot of small shurins (shrines) and 2 big ones, the edge of Miyazaki city, the grocery store where I buy my eggs and instant coffee and buns for breakfast, the beach lined with a few hotels, a zoo, an enormous golf course with a trail running around it (also good for jogging), and a lot of people who don’t speak my language but smile politely when I nod my head on the way past. I like to think of it as a video game, where the world map slowly lights the areas you’ve explored, creating a realm of familiarity in the midst of the big black unknown. Today I am taking the day off work and expanding my realm to the Northeast; hopefully I will not need to fend off any other exploring non-natives from my territory, but if so, at least I’ll gain some experience.

For those of you who aren’t gamers and are wondering what the hell tangent I’m off on now, I’ll close with this, since a picture means a thousand words. Here’s lookin at you, Marko:



~ by The Running Emu on February 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Calling all Blogheads”

  1. Hi Son! So sorry that you can’t watch NHL, it must be torture and I wish I could help you out there but last night your dad and I did even better than watch Canucks on T.V….WE WATCHED IN PERSON!!! I had 1/2 hour warning that we had tickets but he didn’t have to twist my arm. It was an awesome game even though we lost in the shootout. Yeah Canucks! Yeah Mike! Sounds like you are filling your days with lots of new sights. We miss you but are very happy for you in your adventure. Our love and prayers to you and Hana, Mom

  2. you are always good for a laugh Mikey. Glad to hear that the adventurist in you is exploding again. Hope you are feeling a little better knowing that we all care for you and miss you. Have a blast over there and remember….You are building drinking stories for life..MAKE THEM REALLY GOOD ONES. IE. MIKE FOUGHT OFF HOW MANY NINJAS WITH HIS BARE HANDS???? WOW


    Just be sure that when you get to the last level, you have your proper kimono attire with your deathly sword so you can fight off the boss… which will probably be a dragon or lochness monster (it will be a female nonetheless… they are the most dangerous).

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