The Friendly Ghost

Turns out “Not feeling too good” was a bit of an understatement…I’ve spent the last 2 days in bed with a high fever. It sucked. And no, Dad, I didn’t eat any raw chicken the day before. As a matter of fact, the night I got sick was probably the first time since arriving in Japan that I hadn’t eaten anything raw all day. I did cycle home from the mall in the rain, which probably didn’t help. So I spent the last few days looking and feeling dead, like this:


If you could lift that sheet, you’d find a very hot and sweaty body. I can’t ever remember being this sick…and not the sick that makes you puke, just feeling horrible, shaky, cold, aching, weak, and my sweat smelled like dead cells, like that smell when you burn a few strands of hair. It was really disgusting. Hana and Mayumi did all they could: kept me warm with a cool forehead, lots of fresh sheets, lots of water and pills, lots of temperature readings (most hovering around 39, another half degree and it would have been the hospital for me), and lots of worried faces. Anyways, it’s winding down now, and I’m looking forward to pooing logs again someday very soon…


~ by The Running Emu on January 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Friendly Ghost”

  1. You poor thing!!!!! But hey, may as well experience being sick in another country right? Makes for a full deal experience..

    I love the rings you 2 got for your 1 year. That’s really sweet!

    It looks like everyone there love you mike. I bet they all stare at you HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..;… Ahhhh but you love it. I know you do… (I would lol).

    We miss you and Hana out here! But I am so happy you guys are having such a wicked time…

    Babies in the bar????? THAT’S AWESOME!!!! must be pretty safe out there hey?

    Anyhow, Miss you!!

  2. Kinda reminds me of a sleepy teenager I once knew…Seems he would look just like that when I called him 5 MINUTES before we had to leave for work ! Cool bridge..what does it join ? What’s a prefecture park ? Great idea to have a designated driver ’cause we sure not coming all the way to Japan to bail you out !! THANKS Toshi !! Nice bowl. I guess you could put “Canadian made in Japan” on the bottom of it! Sounds like typical drivers in Chwk lately.Any rules about driving while talking on cell phones ?? What’s an illumination festival and how often does one occur ? Volley ball in 1/2 hour..gotta get ready. Hope your feeling better soon. Don’t want you to miss TOO many days work !!! ttfn..pops

    Dad dad dad…too many questions man, which to answer. OK, a prefecture is like a province, so prefecture park is like a provincial park back home. The bridge linked 2 hilltops, as far as I could see…no real reason, just bridge-building fun I guess. Drivers can get a ticket here for talking on a cell phone whilst driving. And the Illumination Festival is once a year at a Garden park close to Hana’s house. Yeeeeeeehaw!

  3. Michael, Michael, sounds like some bad bugs finally caught up with you! I guess if no one else has been sick by your next blog, you probably had some gastro-intestinal culture shock. I’ve always found it hits after a while, not right away. Any way you look at it…not fun.

    Leave some Kirin Whiskey for the rest of us will you!

    Catch you on the next blog.

    Don’t worry Tim, I’ll be drinking Kirin Whiskey non-stop until I leave, but I’ll be sure to bring some back for you to try. I’m thinking the GI shock is quite plausible, all those (normally harmless) bugs my gut has never been exposed to finally caught up en masse. Let’s hope my stomach and intestines have grown accustomed to their new friends…

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