Pottery Lottery

dscn31970001.JPG Feel the beauty of the pottery, the mike-made rice bowl. I know it doesn’t look like much here, but it has yet to be bottom-molded, coloured, glazed, and fired. This piece of fine art was turned in a little town called Aya, about an hour outside Miyazaki city, by yours truly. We went up for the day last Sunday for a little pottery spinning (the pottery sensei reminded me of Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid),

dscn31870003.JPG dscn31910004.JPG dscn31940005.JPG 

as well as some sake and wine tasting (the sake brewery is the entrance with the flags)

dscn32070001.JPG dscn32110007.JPG dscn32140008.JPG  

The sake tasting was great; there were half-full bottles all over the place (probable about 30-40 bottles) and you just grab a little plastic cup and start drinking…it was almost as good as the Carlsberg brewery tour in Copenhagen (I know that’ll mean something to Eric). Anyways, I think I tried about 10 different kinds before moving on to the winery. Poor Toshi had to drive back, so he couldn’t join in the festivities with Hana, Mayumi, and myself (it’s ok though, I took care of Toshi’s share). Japan has a “no-tolerance” policy when it comes to drinking and driving…you can’t even have a trace of alcohol in your blood, or you get thrown in the slammer. We also went up to this big bridge in a prefecture park just in time for the sunset (see bottom)

dscn32220002.JPG dscn32370013.JPG dscn32410004.JPG dscn32270010.JPG

and then met Hana’s friend Sachiko and her little boy Asato for dinner at a Japanese pub (yes, a baby in a pub), complete with chicken wings.

dscn32440005.JPG dscn32470016.JPG

OK, time for another negative: Japanese drivers suck. They cut you off, stop in the middle of the road for no apparent reason, turn without signalling, simply don’t see cyclists, stop wherever they want to let out passengers…including single lane streets with traffic backing up, and everyone is afraid to honk (except a quick little honk to thank people for letting them in). I haven’t actually witnessed and accident yet, and I’m amazed.

On another note, Sunday marked 1 year for Hana and I, so we bought eachother rings

dscn31750002.JPG Awwww, isn’t that sweet.

BTW, I was originally going to hold a little lottery for the mike-made rice bowl (hence the article name), but I’ve decided to keep it all to myself. What a selfish bastard I am. Not feeling too good tonight; time for a nice long hot bath in a tub 2/3 the length but twice the depth…



~ by The Running Emu on January 23, 2007.

One Response to “Pottery Lottery”

  1. Thank-you, thank-you Hana and family for nursing Mike back to life. Mike, what were you thinking, I think food poisoning can hit you days later. Please come home in one piece. I really like your little bowl. Did you enjoy doing pottery and did Hana make one too? TTFN Love, Mom

    Hmmmmm, one comment, and it’s from my mom…something tells me this is not the post of choice. Not enough sex and violence, I suppose; perhaps Disney will pick it up.

    No worries mom, I’ll be back in one piece, even if it’s one big virally infected piece stuffed in a bio-hazardous containment bag…

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