The New Career

First off, I’d like to invite you all to post comments on the articles you read, even a simple sentence or two…it really helps validate the time and effort I spend updating the site; there’s nothing I like more than to read the new comments in the morning (kind of like my daily paper in Japan). Comments on each article can be seen by clicking on the “Responses” link at the bottom of the article. Secondly, I’ve added an “Engrish” page, which I will be adding pics to whenever I come across the humurous Englishapanese signs abundant in the area. And thirdly, I’d like to report that I got a job! It’s not a great job, but it is a job, and it is in Japan (I even beat Hana to it; she doesn’t start for another week or so). I have been doing a night class teaching English once a week, but that’s with Hana’s mother and a few of her friends, so it doesn’t count as a real job. The new (real) job is data entry…basically copy-pasting from one website to another to set up a site that sells English-teaching books for a local and expanding ESL school. The pay isn’t great (hell, it’s not even good), but I work from home (not my home, of course, but my temporary residence), I make my own schedule, and put in as many or as few hours as I want…perfect for a foreigner who likes to travel and needs some disposable income for magura cheezu maki and monkeys.

Well, I’d like to get rid of some pictures that have been floating around for awhile, so here is a Japanese graveyard, a Japanes coastline (complete with smiling asian girl), and a lit-up Japanese gazebo at the Miyazaki Illumination Festival, respectively:

dscn28800007.JPG dscn30360001.JPG 070114_211501.jpg

Now, back to the good stuff. As some of you have come to realize (after repeated exposure), my favourite drink (that’s favourite with an “ou”, you American bastards) is a rye’n’coke, specifically 3 ounces of Gibson’s Finest Sterling Silver Rye Whiskey mixed with 2-3 ounces of Coca-cola, and a few ice cubes thrown in for good measure. Well, I’m happy to say that I have found the Japanese equivalent to Gibson’s finest. It’s called Kirin Whiskey, it’s labelled as “silky smoothness, the gift of Mt. Fuji”, and it’s 50%. Mmmmmmmm.

dscn31410001.JPG dscn31430002.JPG

Did I mention about how the gas dispensers are shaped like guns here?

dscn31620007.JPG How $%&#* cool is that…it’s straight out of Zoolander! And you push the “trigger” of the gas gun to start pumpin’ baby! I thought of you as soon as I saw them Steve, picturing a massive gasoline-fight with you and me and Eric and Isaac in his blickety YJ.

Next off, I want to show you all something very scary. One of the delicacies here is raw chicken, only possible if the cluck-cluck is very (very) fresh. It scared me to try it, but I shut off the “NOOOOOO, DON’T DO IT!” in my mind, closed my eyes, and gave it a whirl.

dscn31670008.JPG dscn31680009.JPG

The thought of my favorite bug, the infamous E. coli aka *the workhorse of modern research* was unavoidably vivid in my mind, complete with strain types and genetic sequence. This raw delicacy was the appy to a meal that I cooked for everyone…my seafood pasta with *well-cooked* prawns and cream sauce. Here we are, cooking up a storm:

dscn31470004.JPG dscn31530005.JPG

It went over rather well, and the raw chicken was actually pretty good too, once you get past the mental block.

There is something very different over here. It seems money is disposable…*easy come, easy go* mentallity. It’s actually quite refreshing, except that I don’t have a lot of it to “easy go” right now; fortunately, that’s been balanced by the people surrounding me. I’ve also noted special treatment wherever I go…it seems the Japanese people are delighted to have a humble Canadian in their midst and the result is bigger portions, smaller prices, and lots of smiling faces. I am slowly learning the catch-phrases (thanks Marcus), which helps immensely, and I’m finding the Japanese hospitality far exceeds my expectations. I’ve also found the highway service despicable. All the major roads are only 50 km/hour, so it takes forever to get anywhere; fortunately, the destinations are almost always worth the time. Having an income has reduced my moderate (low) level of stress, so I’m quite happy to take my time getting there.

This one’s for you Eric…



~ by The Running Emu on January 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “The New Career”

  1. Hola Mikel and Hanna! Great blog! I have read it all. I would love to visit Japan (money and time peremitting). How is the temperature there. I see the occasional palm tree which reminds me of Hawaii. I couldnt do raw chicken though but love and am envioius of the sushi.

    You may be following the canucks as a die hard fan. You will be pleased to note that Van is on top of the NW division with Calgary (my favorite team) in second with two points behind going into the allstar break. Calagary just smoked Edmonchuck 4-0 for kipper
    s 6th shut out of the year so beware! However the Nucks got 7 of 8 points on their 4 game road trip beating the best teams in the east!

    Keep up the good work with the blog!!


    Temperature is pretty mild Cor, usually around 20 or so in the daytime, seems to get just as cold as Vic at night though. It is winter here, so this is about as cold as it gets in this part of Japan (Kyushu is the Southernmost Island, not including Okinawa). Lots of palm trees all over the place, lining the roads and beaches. I’ve been watching the Canucks very closely over here (I keep the website in the background while I’m working…they update the scores about once every minute). They’ve won 7 out of 9 games since I’ve left Canada…I suppose I should leave the country more often. As far as standings, I believe Calgary’s 4-0 win over Eddy puts them back in first in the Northwest, tied for points but one less game played than the Nucks.

  2. Raw chicken !!!!!! bird flu !!!!!! Mikey,Mikey,Mikey….WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ??? If you do that again make sure you follow it with a TRIPLE shot of that Kirin whiskey to kill any “bugs” that might get thru !!
    Does that little white car GO any faster than 50 KPH ?? ttfn pops

    Don’t worry Pops, I followed the cluck with an ample dose of 50% Kirin Whiskey…not even E. coli could survive the alcoholic onslaught, it takes a real Canadian man in a red lumberjack coat to survive that kind of ethanol abuse. And Hana assures me that the little white beast does well over 100…

  3. Hi MIkey…
    Just got in from a brutal session of volleyball..I’m pooped !! No hockey this week..just the all star game. You know how that goes..all hitting..goalies have no chance..pretty boring hockey.!!Might have to catch a bruins game to satisfy your mother’s craving for the game. Any rinks in Miyasaki where you can show off your incredible Canadian skills ?? On second better stay off the ice !! We wouldn’t want the Japanese fans to think that all Canadians play like you !!! Sound like you’re getting access to a computer on a pretty regular basis..or did you buy a laptop. They must be fairly inexpensive over there. Gotta go..ttfn pops

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