Monkey Business

Went to a little place called Cape Toi yesterday, on the southern tip of the Prefecture (ie Province) of Miyazaki. Here we are, driving the coastline in a wee white car…

2-1420001.JPG 2-1480002.JPG dscn30370001.JPG 

As you can see, I got to try driving on the left hand side of the road. Cape Toi was about 3 hours away or so, and it was a really peaceful park with a lighthouse and a bunch of wild ponies relaxing and eating and playing pony games; kind of reminded me of Fort Rodd Hill in Victoria, for those of you who have been there (except for the ponies, of course).

dscn31170007.JPG dscn31080006.JPG dscn31320009.JPG 

There was also a bunch of wild(er) monkeys roaming around. The monkeys were ridiculous, all over the road and monkeying up a storm. At first, there was only one of them all alone on the road, so we drove up real close and Hana threw a few crackers for him. Of course, Hana’s window was rolled all the way down, and the monkey jumped right at her trying to get into the car. I’ve never heard Hana scream like that before…I just sat there laughing my ass off and the monkey, startled and frightened by the piercing sound coming from the seat next to me, jumped back down and walked away in a huff (first pic). Further up the road, we ran into monkey traffic. I love monkeys…I’ve decided to buy a bunch of ’em and bring ’em back for Christmas presents. Check out the momma-monkey with the little guy hanging on…she certainly had a monkey on her back…

dscn30670003.JPG dscn30840004.JPG dscn30870005.JPG



~ by The Running Emu on January 16, 2007.

One Response to “Monkey Business”

  1. Pretty cool…How many bananas did it take to get those monkeys to pose for you ???

    No bananas Dad, they must have sensed those McKenna genes and revelled in their familiarity.

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