Hana’s Big Day

What a day…Japanese girls in traditional Kimonos all over town, in the malls, walking the streets, on the beach, everywhere. Hana looked so damn cute, and I got to dress up (or, rather, get dressed up) in the traditional attire myself. It took somewhere around 4 1/2 hours for Hana to get ready…

dscn29410011.JPG dscn29450012.JPG dscn30120019.JPG, but only an hour of fussing for Hana’s mother, grandmother, and the kimono-dressing sensei to garb me up appropriately…

dscn29480013.JPG dscn29510014.JPG dscn29540003.JPG

After a quick lunch with the family, we all went down to the temple and then to the studio for a family photo op…

dscn29560001.JPG dscn29590001.JPG dscn29650002.JPG dscn29670016.JPG

Post-photo op, we had a little fun in the sun, and then the sun went down and it was all about the karaoke ($20 all-you-can-drink, I made sure I got my moneys worth. It was a lots of fun, and a real eye-opener; I’m a lousy singer…REALLY $#%&* BAD).

 2-140.jpg  070108_141201.jpg  dscn29750017.JPG  

And thats pretty much it, besides the clumsy actions of a Japanese Geisha



~ by The Running Emu on January 11, 2007.

One Response to “Hana’s Big Day”

  1. You must have the camera turned sideways ’cause that CAN’T be SWEET INNOCENT LITTLE HANA laying on the cruel hard pavement…and if it is HOW COME her date didn’t save her instead of relishing in taking her picture ??? You better be careful,Hana, he obviously didn’t learn how to be a gentleman like his father !!

    Uhhhhhhhh, Dad, look at that picture…it’s priceless! I actually snapped off a whole roll whilst laughing and pointing, but I only posted the best one. Yes, I’m a jerk, just like my Dad.

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