The Journey begins

OK, My trip begins…first, the flight. It was long and boring. I spent my time reading and looking something like this…

dscn28530002.JPG while the airplane looked something like this…dscn28460001.JPG.

I arrived in Tokyo after my 10 hour flight and was hung up at customs for about an hour or so (they didn’t like the fact that I had no contact info with me…what the hell was I doing in Japan for 4 months anyways? No work visa, no hotel reservations, and no address or phone number with me…just a name and a town). After much discussion and visions of me being forced back to Vancouver, they finally let me through. I caught a quick connection to the other airport in Tokyo, and still had an hour before my flight left for Miyazaki. I was very pleased to find beer in the vending machines, and the impending scene looked something like this…

 dscn28570003.JPG Mmmmmm, Asahi. You can drink everywhere here. Open liquer is standard procedure whilst walking downtown or through the mall (well, for me anyways). Upon arrival at the Miyazaki airport, I got in a tiny little car and drove home.

dscn28640004.JPG By the time I went to bed, it was around midnight, which is 7:00 am Vancouver time (Japan in 17 hours ahead). In the ensuing few days, we checked out the beaches nearby…

dscn28650005.JPG dscn28670006.JPG and Aoshima shurin

dscn29000008.JPG dscn29100009.JPG,

a temple (shrine) on a little island surrounded by this cool rock formation known as “Devils washboard”. Now, we await the big dressup day of Hana’s ceremony…



~ by The Running Emu on January 10, 2007.

One Response to “The Journey begins”

  1. Beer in the airport guys, c’mon, there’s got to be some alcoholics out there that want a piece of that action. Where’s Dark Mark when you need him…

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